Long Hair With Side Bangs

Straight Medium To Long Hair With Side Bangs And Layers Style

Side bangs are in fashion these days and most liked by the teenagers. It gives much pretty and attractive look to your personality. Girls having long hair with side bangs look more romantic and cool.

How to Choose a Straight Medium To Long Hair With Side Bangs And Layers Style

When you choose to wear a hairstyle, try keeping in mind that you will wear the same hairstyle every day. So It’s a little bit confusing. But don’t worry we’ll help you find the best side swept hairstyle perfect for long hairs.

You can also push your hairs behind your ears for a charming look. But make sure that you have enough side hairs to do so when you cut side bangs and layers.

If you want to feature your bangs on your face, you can cut it shorter. It will highlight the attractiveness of your face. Usually, short bangs are worn for a dramatic and idealistic look.

Moreover, you can put your hairs back and let the front layers and bangs hang around your face. It looks perfect with a ponytail or a bun at the top of your head. Your bangs can be cut thick and thin and wispy and crispy according to your wish.

List of Best Straight Medium To Long Hair With Side Bangs And Layers Style

After a thorough research and great analysis, we have summed up the top side swept bangs hairstyles for long hairs. Let’s have a look at them below:

  1. Layered Medium/Long Hair Bangs:

This style combines a side swept with the medium back layered cut. It is a casual hairstyle perfect for school/ college students. If you have medium or long hairs, try this layered cut bang style which you’ll to wear.

  1. Softly Parted Look with Layers:

This softly parted hairstyle is full and soft, featuring long layers which flatter your face. The hairs swing on shoulders while the bangs style is closely parted to the center. This look is more suitable for casual parties and functions.

  1. Long Hairs With Bangs And Ponytail:

This modern hairstyle highlights a long ponytail with side bangs. The hairs are pulled towards the back and tied at the base of the head with a strand of hairs. It secures your hairs and furnishes the hairstyle look as well. The sides of the hairs are loose and cut shorter which hang towards your chin.

  1. Long Feathered Hair Swept to the Side:

This look takes us back to 1970s, featuring a long feathered cut. The hairs are cut in waterfall layers, presenting a flow of hairs over the shoulders. The layers are curled towards back gently for a more shiny look. Although it is an old hairstyle, it comes back in 2018 with a more romantic look.

  1. Long Hair Worn In Loose Waves:

Loose waves with short bangs hairstyle are the most trending these days. It features your hairs with loose waves towards your shoulders. The hairs are cut in long layers which are lighter in weight. The front hairs are turned back from the side part, beginning from the eyebrows length to the shoulder length. This hairstyle is perfect for girls, who want to feature their long hairs with bangs.

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