how to remove blue hair dye

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye? – Top 5 Methods – Step by Step

Blue hair looks most delicate and rocking at the same time. It suits every kind of hair, especially people with short hair. But we cannot bear anything for a long time. We love blue-dyed hair but, what if someone wants to change the color or bring the natural color back? If you have dyed your hair with semi-permanent or temporary hair dye then it is not a problem to get rid of that. But what to do with permanent hair dye? People dye their hair with permanent hair dyes because this lasts for a long time. Permanent hair dyes are long-lasting but if you are searching, that how to remove blue hair dye? Then this article is going to be a lifesaver for you.

Here, we will discuss the top five methods to remove the blue hair dye. Hair is the most sensitive part of our body, they need extra care and protection. Safety comes first when you go to remove blue hair dye out. You must consider a professional or hair expert to remove the blue hair dye. But if you don’t want to visit a salon and want to remove it by yourself. Then read these five methods and practice with the mentioned precautions.

5 Best Ways: How to Remove Blue Hair Dye?

Option: 1 Hair Bleach

Bleaching hair to remove the blue dye is the most effective and professional method.

  • Buy specialist shampoo and read the instructions carefully.
  • Apply bleach on your hair for the time mentioned on the pack.
  • After applying wait until the specified time
  • Rinse off your hair with normal water

But this is a dangerous method too, to avoid any misadventure you should consider some precautions.

  • Consult with a professional to bleach your hair. If you want to do it at home, then follow all the instructions mentioned on the bleach pack carefully.
  • Do not exceed the time limit.
  • Take extra care to protect your scalp and skin from getting hurt.
  • It would be better to have a friend who could help you.
  • Use a deep conditioner after the removal of blue dye.

The bleaching takes off the blue color from your hair as it is a fast and effective method. Besides, this could damage or weaken your hair, use conditioner after bleaching to get the healthy and beautiful hair back. The time is taken by this process depends upon the length and thickness of your hair. Usually, it takes seven-hour at the salon to completely remove the blue hair dye from your hair.

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Option: 2 Wash with clarifying shampoo

The more fortified clarifying shampoo is another way to remove the hair dye. The clarifying shampoo is the best tool to remove the semi-permanent hair dye. It is more fortified than normal shampoo. Which clarifies your hair by taking dandruff and other chemical residues off from your hair. It is sed to clean the hair deeply and remove dandruff and other chemical stuff. It dries your hair and weakens them so, it should be used once in a fortnight.

  • To remove the blue dye from your hair, choose a clarifying shampoo of your own choice or which suits your hair type.
  • Coat all hair with the shampoo and try to cover the entire head. Cover your hair from roots to the tips with shampoo.
  • After applying the shampoo, leave your hair for a few minutes. So that the clarifying shampoo gets enough time to dissolve the blue hair dye in it.
  • After a few minutes, rinse your hair with normal water.

It could take a few weeks to wash the dye completely out of your hair. Here are some precautions to be considered.

  • Use after a week or fortnightly. Excessive use may tend your hair to week or break.
  • Avoid heat treatment after washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Because it dries hair and the dry hair is more prone to damage or breakage.
  • Use deep conditioner after every wash to keep your hair healthy and strong.

The number of washes depends upon the concentration of your blue hair dye. It may take several weeks to remove the blue hair dye from your hair.

Option: 3 Wash with dishwashing liquid

This might be hilarious to wash your hair with a dishwashing liquid. But you may consider this a life hack to wash your hair with a dishwashing liquid to remove the blue hair dye off. The dishwashing gel or liquid cleans all the oil, food leftovers, and impurities from our dishes, similarly, it clears our hair from all the chemical residuals.

  • Prepare a mixture of your shampoo and the dishwashing liquid.
  • Add one part of your regular shampoo and one part of the dishwashing liquid.
  • To wet your hair, wash them with hot water. Use the hot temperature as much as you can bear.
  • After that apply the mixture to your wet hair and cover all hair.
  • Leave the mixture on your hair for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse your hair with normal water. Take out the dishwashing liquid completely out of your hair.
  • After washing your hair use a deep conditioner.

Like purifying shampoo, it may take several weeks to remove the blue dye. But during the process of removing the blue dye, make sure to follow the following tips.

  • Use a deep conditioner daily on your hair to avoid dryness in hair.
  • The dishwashing liquid does not include any moisturizing or conditioning material like other shampoos do. So always use deep conditioner daily on your hair.
  • Be extra gentle on your hair, avoid heat treatments, and dry hair with a soft towel.

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Option: 4 Wash with vitamin C

You can remove your blue hair dye with the help of vitamin C and a shampoo mixture. You can get several forms of vitamin C tablets, powder, or gel. Try to use gel instead of powder as it mixes with the shampoo easily. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

  • Make a mixture of vitamin C gel and shampoo in equal amounts. Make sure that the gel and shampoo are mixed.
  • Wet your hair with warm water. After that, apply the mixture to your hair by protecting the sensitive parts of your skin.
  • Cover the entire head, apply the mixture from roots to the tips of the hair.
  • After applying the mixture, wear a shower cap and leave it for one hour.
  • Rinse your hair under warm running water. Use a deep conditioner and towel dry.

Vitamin C could dry your hair badly, to avoid this use a deep conditioner immediately. You will notice that most of the color is gone and if some color is left, repeat the process.

Option: 5 Maximize sun exposure

Well, this is the silliest option. If you cannot practice any of these options, then maximize your sun exposure to fade the color of your dye. The sunlight fades out the dye color with its penetrating radiations. You can practice this life hack if you have much time and you are not in hurry to remove your blue hair dye.

  • Go for a walk outside when the sun is at its peak position.
  • Make sure your head is down, the sunlight is penetrating in your hair.

You can use this technique daily depending upon the intensity of your hair color.


We have discussed five tips to remove your blue hair dye. We recommend you the bleaching option as it is the fastest and convenient method. But if you consider a professional for this job to be done, then it would be a great option. Besides this, there are four ways left to practice. You can practice each of these options to get the most convenient results and check which one suits you.

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