How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies

How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies Naturally In A Week

If you are looking for how to grow hair faster home remedies naturally in a week then you are exactly at right place. Everyone wants to increase the hair growth, but only a few are willing to do that.

The appearance and growth of your hairs are slow then there is nothing to be worried about because you can increase the hair growth with some home remedies without worrying about side effects.

In this article, we will not only share some best home remedies for hair growth but also we will try to figure out the causes of slow hair growth.

Everyone cannot afford an expensive hair loss treatment, that’s why we are here with some effective hair growth home remedies that will do wonders for your hairs. As we have said, earlier let’s discuss some of the most common causes of slow hair growth.

How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies: Some Causes of Slow Hair Growth

  • Old age (above the 50s)
  • A poor diet that lacks in essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Weak Immune System or immunity.
  • Hormonal changes in the body due to age.
  • Any physical stress on our body or mental stress which includes anxiety, depression.
  • Environmental changes such as sudden exposure to certain toxic chemicals.
  • Any trauma or injury on scalp area.
  • Using any medications like blood thinners and anti-depressants.
  • Under Weight.

We hope you have already identified your cause, if you have any chronic illness or you are experiencing any symptoms, we will recommend you to consult your health expert first because certain medical diseases are also responsible for slow hair growth.

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How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies Naturally In A Week

Take Biotin

Biotin is the best source of B complex vitamins that are responsible for hair growth. There are various brands widely available in the market, so you will need to make sure that you have selected the right bottle according to your age group.

All you need to do is crush the biotin tablets and mix them with olive oil and wait for at least 5 minutes before applying on your scalp. You have to massage your scalp nicely and leave it overnight.

Then rinse your hair with cold water in the morning. You have to follow this treatment for at least one month for best results.

Increase Vitamin intake

Vitamins have a crucial role in our hair growth because our hair follicles are made up of various vitamins. These vitamins help to remove dead cells from the scalp and carry out fresh oxygen through red blood cells.

You can use both supplements and natural diet; it’s up to you which suit you the best. There are tons of multivitamins pills available in the local market that you can use.

You need to make sure that you have selected the right brand because there are some low-quality brands as well with some serious side effects.

Another best and natural way to full fill your vitamin decencies is to have a vitamin-rich diet. There are some risks of side effects especially when you are taking heavy supplements so you should keep the natural way on your priority list.

Add some fresh vegetables and red meat in your diet plan. You can also mix vitamin C capsules in your shampoo and then massage your scalp nicely; it will also strengthen your hair follicles.

Final Words:

Remember, this whole process won’t happen overnight because our body takes time to absorb these vitamins and nutrients. The only thing that matters is the consistency of the treatment, so make sure that you follow these natural remedies for at least one month before assuming the result.

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