How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs

How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs In Hair Fast Home Remedies

If you are looking for how to get rid of lice eggs, then you are precisely at the right place. Tiny eggs laid by lice in hair are quite irritating and frustrating as it causes discomfort all the time. The cause of head lice are these small eggs which grow rapidly in no time. Today we are here with the most effective home treatment to get rid of lice eggs. These home remedies will not only stop the spread of lice eggs in your scalp but also prevent any future invasion. Indeed it’s a most annoying thing to carry in your head because it can spread quickly to another person who is in touch with you so people will start avoiding you. It often causes a lot of discomfort including itching, burning, and tingling. It was just a small introduction about lice, now let’s come to the main point and discuss some effective treatments.

Three Main Tips On How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs In Hair Fast Home Remedies

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has some unique anti-bacterial properties that prevent lice and infections from your head. Whenever there is a sudden lice outbreak in your hair, then we will recommend you to use tea tree oil which will stop the spread instantly and also prevents you from any future discomfort. You will need tea tree oil along with a comb and a towel to start this natural treatment. Apply few drops of tea tree oil in your hair before going to bed and massage your scalp for about 10-15 minutes. Place a towel on your head or pillow to avoid any oil stains on your bed sheet and then comb your hairs nicely in the morning to remove all the dead lice.

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Use Olive Oil

Olive Oil helps to suffocate the living lice effectively which is the main culprit behind irritating, itching, burning and discomfort. You will need a few drops of olive oil along with a shower cap to follow this home treatment. Apply the few drops of olive oil in your hair and cover it with a shower cap overnight. Now wash it with lukewarm water in the morning and comb your hair to remove dead lice. Follow this treatment continuously for 2-3 days to expect best and permanent results.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works very similarly to olive oil, in fact, it has more effective properties that help to suffocates the lice from hair permanently. It will also prevent any future outbreak of lice for latest 2-3 months if someone else has lice in your home. You will need shower caps, few drops of coconut oil, shampoo and a Nit Comb to follow this treatment. You have to apply a few drops of warm coconut oil in your head and massage your hairs nicely for few minutes. Now cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for 2-3 hours. Use Nit comb after 2 hours to remove all the dead lice from hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner and then again apply the coconut oil and leave it overnight this time. Now again comb your hairs in the morning to remove any remaining dead lice and then wash it with shampoo. Among all, it’s a most effective home remedy for lice, and its effect will last longer than olive and tea tree oil.

Final Words:

Remember, these treatments will be useless if you do not follow the instruction. If you want to get rid of the discomfort and irritating permanently, then we will recommend you to follow each treatment at least twice a week for one month.

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