Hair Highlights For Brown Hair

Types Of Cool Hair Highlights For Brown Hair For Short Hair At Home

Highlighting the hairs is the best way to save your dark brown hair from a whole load of damage. Highlights not only give a new pop up color to your hair but also protects your hair from breakage and damage. It provides a new look to your dark hair and presents a stunning look to your personality. There are many hair highlights for brown hair, but it is quite difficult to choose from. To help you out, we have collected the top 6 highlights for the brown hair you can ever have.

Top Six Best Types Of Cool Hair Highlights For Brown Hair For Short Hair At Home

  1. Golden Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair:

Let’s start with the most obvious and popular choice for highlighting the dark brown hairs. You guessed right; these are blonde highlights. These super light and golden blonde highlights produce a deep contrast along with smooth dark brown hairs. It makes a gorgeous hair transformation. No one can stop you to look beautiful than ever before.

  1. Mocha Highlights With Brown Hair:

If you have dark brown hairs, try the same shade of highlights on it. Select a coffee type color look to highlight your dark brown hairs along with a hot mocha brown hue as well. You can straighten your hairs to show off the blonding strands of these mocha highlights on dark brown hairs.

  1. Rose Brown Highlight Shade:

Have you ever heard of rose gold hair? Probably yes. Now get ready to have another beauty chance by wearing rose brown hairs. It is pink colored light brown highlight shade that works wonderfully on brown hairs. It adds dimensions to your strands and makes them brighter than before. You can also have this color done in some ombre shades to look like a waterfall princess. It is one of the most attracting hair highlights for brown hair.

  1. Burnt Orange Highlights:

Some women don’t like these orange shade highlights but are patient. We have taken a different shade of burnt orange highlights. It is a muted shade of burnt orange which works gorgeously against your dark brown hairs and gives them a sweet and romantic vibe. These highlights look best if you get a bob haircut and front bangs. Girls wearing in summer season present a cooling effect.

  1. Honey Blonde Highlights:

Coloring and highlighting the hairs might be challenging for the working women. You should choose the highlight color which is the same as your natural hair color. These honey blonde highlights work best with the light and dark brown hairs. You can wear it to look more elegant, beautiful and romantic. This is a winter hairstyle best for party occasions.

  1. Ash Brown Highlights:

You can have a cooling toned process to your brown tresses along with this ashy brown highlight shade. It is a breathtaking shade that attracts others. You can have an elegant look by mixing ombre shade with it and present a beautiful effect to the person in front of you. This hairstyle looks perfect on long hairs. You can curl the lower ends which gives a smooth, shiny ash brown look to your overall personality. Wear a new look by choosing one of the above hair highlights for brown hair.

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