Best Semi Permanent Hair Color For Black Hair And Fair Skin

Best Semi Permanent Hair Color For Black Hair And Fair Skin

The texture of hair poses the challenge when this is about color. Hair Color For Black Hair looks awesome. Several see the Afro Caribbean hair thick as well as coarse. But this is basically quite fragile hair type to work with. The hair shaft is totally different to eastern and western hair as it isn’t the same thickness. While Afro hair has much undulation along with the hair length that causes the weak points. Thus, the hair can easily break. It is tough to find hair color for black hair. But you need not worry as we are going to tell you different highlight colors for black hair.

Asian hair is more resistant to a product than the western hair. A cuticle layer is much strong on Asian hair. Also, this is one of the only hair kinds where you can see the true black color.

The Best Highlight Semi Permanent Hair Color For Black Hair And Fair Skin

Following are a few superb hair colors for black hair to consider in case you got black hair, accompanied with useful tips to care for your color-treated hair.

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List of Best Semi Permanent Hair Color For Black Hair And Fair Skin

For added spice…You can try red highlight hue. Though, it is one of the unique natural hair hues across the world. The red is one of the most requested colors in the salons everywhere. When this comes to incorporate the red highlights into your black hair, you must look for the colorist who has specialized in balayage technique in order to brush subtly on the bright pops of hue. This balayage technique not just seems less chunky rather than traditional highlighting but it is low maintenance as well. A trick for rocking red is to search the perfect red shade for matching the skin tone. Generally, in case you have got fair skin then the bright orange-red shade or auburn shade would look the most amazing, while medium skin tone looks best with the copper as well as golden red hues. The dark skin tone looks beautiful with the blue-red tones. Red hair color for black hair looks awesome.

For an edgy look…If your hair is black then try platinum highlights. The platinum blonde highlights also would look perfect. Together with your black tresses, as well as platinum highlights, would give the style of high contrast street chic which would turn the heads wherever you beauty go.

For natural-looking hair…If you are searching hair color for black hair then try the chocolate brown highlights. Do you have black hair and want sun-kissed hair? Good news is that you can. The trick to achieving this look on the black hair is to choose the chocolate tones. You might go for a lighter tone on brown spectrum.

For trendy sophistication…You need to try navy or burgundy highlights. It is becoming quite clear that navy, as well as burgundy, are having the serious moment. Because they are the hottest colors of the year, you better believe that blue is the awesome hair color for black hair.

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