Short To Long Straight Dark Brown Hair With Red Highlights Ideas

Blonde hairs look perfect, but red highlights produce a romantic look to your face. Red highlights give a beautiful and natural look rather than blonde hairs. In this article, you will find different categories of dark brown hair with red highlights. It includes high contrast with natural and sun-kissed touch.

Top Seven (7) Best Short To Long Straight Dark Brown Hair With Red Highlights Underneath Ideas

Let’s have a look at them below:

  1. Brown hair with red highlights:

These red highlights contain the best combination of Fudge’s semi permanent Red Corvette and Raspberry Beret. It is long lasting which you can apply on non-bleached hairs. By using this red highlight, you will get hair texture and movement without any damage to your strands. You can wear it curl towards your shoulders to have some dimensions. It will furnish your face look.

  1. Dark brown to red ombre:

The red ombre hairs are on the top of the red highlights. The trend of Dark brown hairs with red ombre highlights is increasing day by day. This red ombre looks icy on dark brown hairs, featuring fewer maintenance highlights than full coverage. You can wear it on straight dark brown hairs, but it seems more stunning if you curl your hairs. The texture of your hair will present a curl red ombre,

  1. Dark hair with red highlights (bright):

You need to bleach your hair to apply red highlight on dark hairs. These red highlights are bright in color which shine in a day. It is an old way of dyeing hairs but gives a natural look. Front hairs with red highlights feature your face frame.

  1. Dark brown hair with copper highlights:

This melty copper tone produces dark brown hair with red highlights. The warmer end of the spectrum creates a luxurious and rich chocolate color. Melting is a technique by which you can blend the highlights with the base color of your hairs. If you got bored of your blonde hairs, try this natural look hairstyle.

  1. Natural medium brown hair with red highlights:

If you have medium brown hairs naturally, these red highlights will suit you.

You can add a copper tone to the red ombre to have some more texture at the end of the hairs. These dark brown hairs with brighter highlights will frame your face like a flower.

6. Natural medium brown hair with light copper highlights:

If you have dark brown hairs naturally, you can use light copper highlights with a red shade. The combination of rich copper sulfate, honey, and caramel highlights blend into a darker warm brown color. This hairstyle is perfect for the autumn season as it gives a natural look. Feel free to consult your stylist to achieve the blend of copper and caramel highlights to get flawless hair look.

  1. Multicolor and red highlights on dark hair:

If you are bored of red ombre highlights, try achieving this multi-colored highlights. It is the combination of blue, red and yellow highlights to make a rainbow look. This hairstyle is perfect for fall. You can also apply this multi-colored highlight on dark brown hair with red highlights.

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