Blonde Highlights On Blonde Hair

Natural Blonde Highlights On Blonde Hair Diy Short Straight

Have really more fun than blonde highlights on blonde hair? We can neither confirm nor deny but Most of us at some point searched what we would look like sporting blonde hair. Great interest to blonde hair can be explained by the fact that Whether it is to improve hair that is already blonde with some highlights on hair or ‘go complete blonde’ by bleaching your brunette curls, there are so many different colors and coloring techniques to choose from. Today thanks to balayage and ombre color techniques, new hair color will lift your spirits every time you take a quick look in the mirror. This variety of shades is the best part about dying your hair blonde because it will leave you spoilt for choice.

Four (04) Best Natural Blonde Highlights On Blonde Hair Diy Short Straight

Below, we have put a list of blonde hair color ideas to help you make heads turn with the right shade according to your complexion and fashion trend. These fabulous blonde hair color ideas definitely give u itching to try something new.

1. Ash & Honey Blonde Highlights:

This is amazing winter hair color and makes prominent blonde highlights on blonde hair. So this shade is perfect for cool-toned brunette hair. It pairs well with fair and medium skin tones. For medium complexion we have another amazing shade which gives so adorable look into your hair is honey blonde. Blend honey tones in with warm brown hair to achieve the perfect honey blonde highlights. This look works extremely well for women with medium to dark complexions.

2. Copper Blonde color highlights:

If you don’t want your all hair to be covered by this affluent color, highlights are a good compromise. It looks amazing when balancing with chocolate brown base blonde highlights on blonde hair. Glamour, fabulous, and just simply gorgeous, those are the words that come to mind when we look at this rich color. This warm shade is perfect for all complexions. The technique of gradually lightening or darkening your hair color works great for blonde too. If your hair is naturally a warm color, you won’t need a lot of effort to achieve this amazing shade.

3. Butter Blonde Color:

If you have a fair complexion and light eyes and you want any rich shade of blonde highlights on blonde hair, you are the best candidate for pulling this shade off. This feminine, unique and delicate color is one you will definitely fall in love with. For the right blend of naughty and finicky, there’s no better shade of blonde than a silky, buttery one. It shows that you’re not afraid of being seen as someone who can experiment with her look as well as maintain a level of sophistication and perfection at the same time.

4. Rose Blonde Hair color:

A combination of gold blonde highlights on blonde hair” and mild red undertones, blush blonde is quite a pleasing shade to choose. To add that extra punch factor in your hair, blush up your cheeks with a pinkish touch and highlight your eyes as well. Long, shiny locks of this color seem like a dream for many women. However, rest guaranteed that even normal women with shorter hair can pull it off. You don’t need to be a fashion diva for wearing this color. You will look amazing by wearing this beautiful shade in all seasons or fashion trends.

Well, that was the summary of just a few of the many options you have as many as blonde hair shades are alarmed. To protect your hair use only reputed color brands to color your hair and don’t be careless for using herbal shampoo and conditioner for soothing your non-virgin hair and take good care of your colored hair as it is more at risk to damage.

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