Balayage Medium Hair

Light To Dark Caramal Balayage Medium Hair Blonde Brown Straight

Balayage is the French coloring technique. It was developed during the 1970s. Balayage Medium Hair has become now very popular. It is also a freehand technique. The color is actually applied by your hand than applying the cap highlighting or traditional foiling techniques. Highlighting could be done for balayage medium hair but the results are also good for the hair a bit below your shoulders.

List of Best Light To Dark Caramal Balayage Medium Hair Blonde Brown Straight

Chestnut Brown with Caramel Balayage

This seems like somebody poured the superb caramel hue onto the lukewarm chestnut hair for the overall light-catching impact. You notice dark brown that is mixed in thoroughly. It results in a beautiful dynamic hair. Hence, this kind of balayage medium hair looks awesome.

Dirty Blonde with the Golden Balayage

This mixture of the shades gives the superb beachy, sun-kissed, look which everyone surely loves. Also, this is typically seen in the form of pure gradient ombré. This a bit more blended balayage actually makes it quite natural. This frames your face nicely.

Brunette Lob with the Rose Gold Balayage

This rose gold hue is great on the brown shades. The lob-length cut generally uses this for the face-framing in order to bring light as well as interest up front. This is the perfect shade for balayage medium hair.

Coppery Red accompanied with Caramel Honey Balayage

This highly pigmented and bold red actually gets the flash of your personality from the caramel-honey balayage. Hence, tones in warm caramel, as well as honey shades, blend greatly with red shade for the cohesive look.

Buttery Blonde Lob

I am sure you have never seen such buttery and smooth blonde goodness, 1-length lob cut. The golden honey along with bright buttery blondes is blended perfectly. This looks so catchy on balayage medium hair.

The Most Beautiful Light To Dark Caramal Balayage Medium Hair Blonde Brown Straight

Chocolate Cinnamon Balayage

You can create a perfect blend of chestnut, mahogany, cinnamon, and dark chocolate for such look that is dynamic as well as color enriched. You would be tossing the mane around for witnessing layers of this warm color.

Warm Beige Blonde with the Honey Balayage

This is a so beautiful base color. It has the hint of warmth to it and it makes the honey best blonde tone in order to boost natural tone. Such honey shade is actually used for framing your face. it is peppered on the rest of your head for the cohesiveness.

Auburn Chestnut Balayage

The red-brown base of the chestnut is even more beautiful as well as bold with the rich auburn balayage which looks sun-kissed for the darker color. This rare blend will not work on everybody.

Chestnut Brown with the Thin Caramel Blonde Balayage

Though balayage is actually sweeping in hue, the thin strokes allow you for the light blonde-caramel tone on the dark brown hair. This looks naturally sun-kissed that is great.

Brunette Curls with the Auburn Balayage

Your bouncy curls achieve more movement and definition from the perfectly blended auburn balayage. Balayage medium hair in this color would be awesome.

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